At Merriott we position you for personal success by placing movement, force, and time on your side so your efforts are continually rewarded with achievement and recognition.

Our focus is place on authentic BALANCE, RESILIENCY, AGILITY, VITALITY, and ENDURANCE specific to each individuals needs. The experience will not only train you but transform your confidence, courage and possibilities!

The training method is based on Applied Functional Science ™. We systematically evaluate, explore, and enhance your movement and performance.

It is our difference that makes all the difference for you.

Principals you will learn to leverage your advantage:

3-Dimensional:Life is lived in 3 planes of motion, let's condition that way.
Mobile-Stability:Movement should be fluid and graceful, let's train that way.
Driven:Movement follows our hands, feet and eyes, let's use them all.
Load-2-Explode:Movement must shorten to lengthen, let's learn and leverage it.
Variable:Movement varies by angles, depths and distances, let's explore them all.